Saturday, October 04, 2008

Burjer, Ben's Burjer

BurJer. I had no idea it was spelled this way until I saw the sign. And this whole time I thought our politicians did not know how to pronounce the word burger. Haha.

Oh, and look at this cute shirt I saw on a Japanese lady the other day. Reminded me of

It is raining out the reminds me of you. I miss you so much.


Lei said...

i love shirts. lol

gladzalwayshappy said...

pa-burjer ka naman... hehehehe!!

moonpool said...

Hehehe! Burjer, burjer!

Lei said...

jer jer

moonpool said...

Oh, I tried it this weekend. It tasted good naman. A bit pricey though... a regular burjer cost me 60 bucks. Plus 10 bucks for a cheese burjer.

I couldn't get myself to order a burJer. I ordered a burGer and the girl at the counter corrected my pronunciation. LOL.

caryn said...

love the engrish on the t-shirt ;-)