Monday, August 18, 2008

long weekends are cool!

This was a pretty eventful long weekend and it was loads of fun! Too bad it's almost over, but I'm so happy another long weekend is coming up soon! Yay!

- Ran away from the office early to get away from whatever special activities my new boss might make me do :P
- Had a few beers with my closest gal pals from the office
- Felt like a jeepney driver wiping the fog off the windshield on my way home because the car aircon was busted and it was raining really hard outside! It was quite an interesting/scary/weird experience... I even had to go around just to avoid a flooded area. Stressful!

- Got lots and lots of rest
- Discovered that Mocha Blends has a pretty yummy hamburger on the menu (I forget the name of this burger though...)
- Watched Cinderella, featuring Leah Salonga, at CCP

- Finally went boxing after SOOO long
- Finished important presentation material due Monday
- Had beer with gal pals and finally tried the so called Below Zero beer at Grilla's (which was pretty good, by the way. Special thanks to my friend, eggy, for recommending it!)

- Visited Ark Avilon Zoo near Tiendesitas: had picture taken with Jenny the Orangutan and touched the scaly snake (I didn't want to hold it though. I just touched it. :P)
- Had yummy inexpensive steak at Snackaroo somewhere near Kamuning

Wheeeee! Will hopefully post photos, though I've been such a lazy blogger lately. :S

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Lei said...


Whole day food trip tayo minsan. LOL.