Saturday, July 19, 2008

hung-over but extremely happy

Last night was the firm's 62nd Staff Anniversary Party and practically our entire group was promoted a level!!! I'm so happy that all the hard work has paid off! I was also able to catch up even if I was away for almost 2 years. I'm so happy!!!!

The Anniversary thing was held at the SMX Convention Center in the vicinity of the Mall of Asia. It was a nice, big place but I wasn't too happy with the lighting for some reason.

One of the new partners held a big after-party at a place called Harbor View Bistro (also in the vicinity, near Hooters) and I definitely had too much to drink. Poor boyfriend had to babysit drunk little me again when he picked me up. :S

I had a terrible headache earlier today which was somehow relieved after spending some time in the restroom. Ha ha ha!


gladzalwayshappy said...

congrats ric! anyway same here same here. i had a bad hangover this morning, got sick. huhuhu! bad!! but yeah, you deserved to drink the night away. =)

hey it's good that we got to talk a bit last night. =) i'll think of what you said.

moonpool said...

Yup, think about it... but I have to think about it too! I only remember bits of the conversation. Waaahhh!

I can't even remember anything the boyfriend and I talked about. Huhu.

rach said...

wow!! congrats!! Sa SMX pala kayo. Kasi when I passed by the World Trade Center, walang tao... so I thought that maybe you had the party at One Esplanade (kasi it seems na may celebration dun). While you were busy celebrating in the complex, I was busy shopping naman sa mall. hehehe...

Tisha said...


moonpool said...

Thanks guys!!! I feel the love! :D

Rach, sayang! Sana you were able to drop by... since you were in the area and all... :)