Friday, June 20, 2008

first out-of-country work-related (but fun) trip

Wow, our ENTIRE group (small as it is) will be flying to Bangkok towards the end of July for the launching of our new service line. I'm super excited because my family and I were kind of thinking of visiting Thailand if only to watch their, uhm, "cultural shows" where women show how they've mastered control of certain muscles we don't normally think about using the way they do. LOL.

And the beauty of all of this is that our head said that we should all prepare to have fun. WOW. :D

Friends, if you know of any cheap but okay places to stay I would appreciate if you could let me know... I'll have a day and an afternoon extra there, so interesting places to visit and interesting things to do are very much welcome too. Yay, this is so exiciting!!!!!


rach said...

Wow!!! How exciting!!! To think that the trip is SGV-related. hehehe.. Don't forget to post the pics.

moonpool said...

Bwahahaha! I know right... there are about only 30 people who will be sent... I can't wait!!!! I'll send you a link to the pictures... I don't normally included people-pictures in my blog. :D

gladzalwayshappy said...

"you're beautiful.... you're beautiful.... you're beautiful it's true..." bwahahahahaha!! you gotta go to the "cultural show.." hahahahaha!!

shopping is also the way to go... platinum mall is the best!!

Lei said...


Tisha said...

Platinum! Seven floors of Greenhills! Got dresses and tops for like THB150. Ask for wholesale price.:)

Also, feast on ice cream and gelato--there are sooo many options there, including alcohol-infused Amalteri.

If you're tired of street food, try the Jim Thompson Cafe--I loooved their pomelo salad. Also try Greyhound--it's sort of like their Cibo. Strangely, they have A LOT of Italian restos. But you can eat practically anywhere and pretty much get a great dining experience. Damn I miss Bangkok food.

moonpool said...

Yay! Thanks for the info... People keep telling me nga the food is really good in Bangkok... Yay, shopping!!! :D