Sunday, March 30, 2008



After over 20 years of living where I do, I only recently found out that there is an orphanage nearby (sandwiched in between motels, at that). I went with a couple of officemates and I stayed for about 2 hours. I thought I was only going to stay for less than an hour, but I felt compelled to carry all of the babies one by one. They were just too cute! I was particularly attached to a baby boy named, Samuel, who smiled the minute I entered the room. Awww... He even took the baby bottle out of his mouth to smile at his visitors. So he's a little bit on the "pango" side, but I carried him longer than I did all the other babies. I hope they all get adopted.


I've been such a sickly girl. I've had a sore throat for over a week now. Good thing my normal voice is starting to come back. I practically lost my voice on Wednesday. People could hardly hear me in a crowded room. And until now I can't sing along to my favorite tunes properly. Boohoo.


gladzalwayshappy said...

uuuyyy someone's got the baby bug already.... paging gian... paging gian... bwahahahaha!!

moonpool said...

I've always loved babies anyway. Hehe. I'm not ready to go through the pain of childbirth, really. :P