Sunday, December 02, 2007


That was simply a horrible day for me. At 12, we were able to get out of Makati to meet with the client in Quezon City. While all the chaos was going on, the discussions revolved around having to reformat the report we sent. In other words, they were not happy with the output. Somehow, somewhere, there was some sort of miscommunication.

As I braved my way back to the office (the whole shooting thing was done, but I was still super scared of anything else breaking out), I had to think about all the work in store for me. And now, I'm trying to get this thing done. Augh.

I felt really sick and just stayed in Friday. I'm feeling sick now. I think this is all psychological.

Can't wait for this project to be over!!!


wysgal said...

Wawa mo naman, you always seem sick! =O

eggy said...

sick meaning poopy =) hehe

Lei said...

hahaha poopy! :P waah you are sicko now!

moonpool said...

Yes, I am Little Miss Poopy. :P