Tuesday, June 05, 2007

games master + videoke night

We had our summer outing at White Rock in Subic over the weekend and I was the games master. I slept really late (rather, early in the morning) to finish making headbands with framed kraft paper fastened on top of them. My vision was to have a Takeshi's Castle-like game. It wasn't so bad, it looked like people enjoyed themselves so at least the lack of sleep paid off. Here's a tiny picture of people trying to shoot the targets atop some of the Partner's heads...


Last night, I went out with my niece and nephews and we spent the evening singing at that new videoke place in Greenhills (Promenade). We all had a blast singing (screaming) to Celine Dion's All By Myself. My throat really hurt after. And the stupid machine gave us a 75! We were singing so loudly! I guess that technique doesn't work anymore. :P

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