Saturday, March 17, 2007

Future Me

Remember those activities where our teachers would have us write letters to our future selves? I remember doing one of those in high school, but I can't really remember if we did anything like that in college. I have no idea where that letter is now, and I really wish I had kept it. Oh well.

Anyway, there's this site called FutureMe.Org that allows you to send emails to your future self. You can even set the exact date.

*Don't forget to make sure that the email doesn't get labeled as spam. Instructions are found at the site.

Happy writing! :) It should be fun to receive and read those letters.


wysgal said...

That's REALLY cool Ric. I'll send myself an email right now. Am expecting some major changes (or not) in my life soon. =)wys

eggy said...

hm... that's weird. . so by the time i become my future self, is it possible to reply to my past self? how is this possible?!?!?! don't confuse!!! gar!!

moonpool said...


eggy said...

yes? what did your future self tell you?

Urbano dela Cruz said...

found you via manilarat.

was intrigued by your profile question:

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
probably duct tape

-check out the excellent work of mark jenkins -his scotch tape sculptures start towards the bottom of the page.


Ton said...

i did one back in highschool emancipating myself from my parents... i folded into a tiny roll and hid it in the ceiling of our balcony. don't know whatever happened to it.

moonpool said...

Ton, emancipating ka diyan...

UDC, I NEVER would have imagined using scotch tape to create sculptures. Thanks for sharing that link. :)