Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ababu Persian Kitchen

I really love shawarma. I think that I was in high school when I tried it for the first time, and I ate one every day for a few months. :P

Since I've been craving for shawarma for a couple of weeks now, the boyfriend took me to this place along Maginhawa Street at UP Teacher's Village. (Sorry about the picture, I took it with my phone as we were driving away.)

Only 50 bucks for a shawarma rice meal. Best thing about it is that you can apply a liberal amount of yummy white sauce, because it's readily available on your table. They also have bottomless iced tea that's available for only 20 bucks, if I'm not mistaken.

The place is pretty popular. We were there at around 11pm on Friday night, and he was a bit surprised to see that it was still open. We had to stand and wait for a table for a good number of minutes as the place is small and there are only a limited number of Monobloc tables and chairs available.

Why IS it called Teacher's Village? Was it meant for teachers? Eh?


val said...

i could so relate. i was just as surprised that it was good, not to mention full, the first time we ate there. pretty good food though :) as long as you have no problems with the apparent lack of ambiance, of course. ;)

moonpool said...

Hey Val! Although the ambiance isn't exactly great, I would choose this place over Aysee ANYTIME. I've eaten at Aysee thrice, and I super didn't enjoy myself because the floor and the chairs were coated with a layer of oil. Yuck! :P