Monday, January 08, 2007

World Pyro Olympics et al.

Went to watch the World Pyro Olympics Friday evening to see Australia's display (they won last year). It was really nice, but the finale was a bit off. I have a feeling they didn't really put much thought into this year's show because they were so busy planning for their country's special celebration. (50th year Anniversary of the bridge? I'm not sure.) Poland looked promising, and the finale was really good (saw it from afar). It looked really well choreographed. I'm still thinking about whether to watch Denmark and Canada on Friday or not... It was a logistical nightmare, actually!

But the fireworks weren't the highlight of the evening for me. It was very interesting to meet a complete stranger who was just soooo nice to me. In all the frenzy (lack of signs and everything) at the Mall of Asia that day, I ended up lining up at the Mall of Asia exclusive entrance customers. Apparently, if you spend 100 bucks anywhere in the mall and present your receipt, you gain entry. Anyway, I was in the line for a pretty long time already when I started talking to the person in front of me. I panicked when she mentioned that it was the line for those who had receipts. She asked how many people I was with, and she said we could just pretend we were with her family since they spent more than enough for all of them to get in.

After we got to the Esplanade, I offered to pay her a hundred bucks, but she wouldn't budge! I mean, I dunno, it was just really touching. It was quite funny because I could see in her son's face that he was disappointed in his mom for being so trusting of complete strangers. I probably would have reacted the same way if my mom decided to tell people behind us in line to join us. :P

The Mall of Asia area was just a bit further away than the area for those with the hundred buck tickets, but the view was by the sea, so it was practically the same.

Lesson learned though. Next time I decide to watch again, I've got to be there extremely early. My niece and I left the house an hour and a half before the show and we got there a bit late. Luckily, it didn't start on time. Another option is to dine at one of the restos near the I-Max area. I heard some people also watched from the parking lot, the open space on the top floor. Not a bad idea.

I decided not to take any pictures of the fireworks because I was so damn stressed trying to fight my way through the crowd. And yes, I am a lazy bum. :P


gladzalwayshappy said...

Grabe I heard from a friend super traffic daw to go to MOA just because of that World Pyrolympics... Yun lang sharing... Hehehe!

moonpool said...

Hehe. Yup, it took me almost two hours to get there... considering I live in Manila and it's relatively easy for me to get to that area.

lei said...

grabe traffic everywhere nung sat.

eggy said...

o nga traffic damn pyroshit. hehe. . took me an hour to get to manila that night goodness.. huhu.. saw a bit of the fireworks though un pala un hehe