Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oooh, Angie has a lesbian lover!

Model and actress Jenny Shimizu, who recently got 'married' to Rebecca Loos for a US TV show, claims she started a fling with Ange after meeting her on the set of the film Foxfire in 1993.

And in a new Sky One documentary, Jenny says their trysts have never really ended.

Read the whole article HERE.


lei said...

ooh i've read about their affair before! i've seen that movie on hbo ata... hehehe. :D

bday na pala ni rubio next week... i'm at a loss for gift ideas. blech.

moonpool said...

Uy, birthday! Manlilibre ba siya? HEHE! Hmmm... ewan, ano ba gusto niya? :p

lei said...

bwaha i asked him straight out what he wants pero wala raw siyang maisip na gusto niya ngayon. nyaaah!! :)

moonpool said...

Nyek. Hmm... Ano kaya magandang gift? :)