Thursday, April 13, 2006

I hear the secrets that you keep... When you're talking in your sleep...

It has come to my attention that I do weird things in my sleep. I've always known that I talk in my sleep from time to time. Sometimes I even scream. But, I guess I do even more than that...

It runs in the family. When my mum and dad were newlyweds, my dad dreamt that someone was trying to steal his wallet. Naturally, he punched the guy who did it. The next morning my mom had a blackeye. My mom's friends thought she was being beaten up. :P

The other night, I fell asleep while my niece used the PC. She heard me screaming, but she couldn't really make out what I was saying. Anyway, she went over to look at me and wondered whether she should wake me up. But she found the whole thing too amusing and decided to let things be. She said I was making strange gestures, reaching up for something. Hmmm... I can't remember whatever it was that I dreamt about. Weird.

Now, I no longer wonder why I sometimes wake up with a strange bruise or two. I probably end up hitting the headboard or something when I make weird movements.

It's kind of scary. Well, at least I haven't yet experienced waking up in another place. I'm no somnambulist, and I hope I never become one.

Oh, I think it was last year when my dad suddenly screamed "Magnanakaw!" in his sleep. He was heard outside since they didn't turn the airconditioner on. A couple of minutes later some people were huddled at the gate. He had to tell them to turn away because he was just dreaming. :P

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