Monday, March 27, 2006

Tara, let's watch a movie!

I came across a sign at the Shangrila Plaza Mall yesterday that mentioned discounted movie ticket rates every Mondays and Tuesdays beginning March 20th. I just called them up, and it applies the whole day (Yup, until the LFS). No mention of when this promo ends, but it's all really exciting to me - I love watching movies at the theater.

Rates are as follows:
PhP 99 (reg. PhP 150) for the "regular" Cinemas - 1 to 4
PhP 120 (reg. PhP 295) for the Premiere Cinema - with unlimited popcorn and soda

Let's watch! :)


lei said...

i vant unlimited popcorn

moonpool said...

eheheh. let's watch something next week!

Tisha said...

That's so cool! Thanks for the info! Hi nga pala.:) Hehe.