Monday, February 20, 2006

sari-sari adventure

I spent Saturday and Sunday with these two MBA students from Manchester University. I functioned as their interpreter, interviewing sari-sari store owners for their survey.

It was a bit of an adventure. You guys know that I'm not exactly street-smart, since I don't really commute. Some of the streets we walked along, I have never even seen before. It was even drizzling on Saturday morning and I developed a cold (my nose is extremely runny today, and I'm not feeling very well).

Saturday, we went to the side streets along Libertad Street in Mandaluyong... Then we covered a few stores near Makati High School in West Cembo... The last area we covered was in the Kapitolyo area in Pasig.

Sunday, we went back to a street in Mandaluyong where some people promised us we could interview them on Sunday morning. We then went to Sta. Mesa, and the cab driver suggested we go around the Sampaloc area near the University of Manila. They really liked it there because the streets were so busy and all the sari-sari stores were so near each other. The last place we visited was the area near N. Domingo in San Juan, in the vicinity of the San Juan Market.

I didn't take any pictures because I didn't really want to bring my camera around. Hopefully they send me some pictures soon. I'm glad one of the students was a big tall guy, so I only received around two weird, semi-creepy comments from strange men as we walked around. I'm sure we really stuck out as we walked around... a black Canadian, and Indian, and a fair-skinned Pinay. :P

Storck is now called Starr candy and comes in different flavors (but the brand Storck is still visible on the wrapper). I think it's because of that rumor a long time ago that eating too much Storck can may you infertile... but that's just my opinion. :P

Coke Sakto is really "sakto". Just enough to quench your thirst.


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