Thursday, February 09, 2006


Waaah, have you guys eaten out lately? Tax is at 12 percent now. Boo!!!


I was in Makati yesterday collecting W2's from former employers. I'm kind of being offered a job, but I still have to mull things over some more. I don't really know if it's what I want.


I'm so flattered. My former officemate asked me to be a minor sponsor at her wedding. Ooh, it's going to be a first for me. :) I'm being measured for the dress on Saturday. Yay!


Duke said...

12 per cent? whoa! sakit sa bulsa!

jo said...

So now there's 12% VAT, plus 10% service charge. Let's all just eat at home!! :(

On the side, do you still give tip over and above the service charge? How much tip--10%?

moonpool said...

A lot of the time when there's service charge I don't leave anything anymore. :P Hehe.