Monday, January 02, 2006

Hua Mulan

Just came from Aliw Theater. The show was pretty good naman. I just really don't like the seats at Aliw, they're not that comfortable. Oh well. Good thing I had a sweater with me - the aircon was totally pointed in my direction!

We saw Liza Macuja-Elizalde there. My sister told me that her husband had Aliw Theater built especially for her. Wow.

There's a new place called Harbour Square across from Aliw Theater, inside the CCP Compound. We ate at this place called Charlee's Tepanyaki and it was really yummy! Apparently, their chefs were pirated from Diamond Hotel. My family and I used to eat there all the time, because one of my tita's nephews was a tepanyaki chef there.

Coming soon is a Teriyaki Boy... So far there's a Starbucks, Mocha Blends, Mini Shabu-Shabu, Rai Rai Ken, and Dencio's there....

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