Wednesday, December 28, 2005

World Pyro Olympics

Yay! I'm so happy I got to go even just to watch the first show (China). I expected more from China, but it was still really nice watching the 15-20 minute show by the bay. I tried taking some pictures, but I couldn't get any good ones without the flash on, so sorry. Hehe.

There are bands that play, there are magic shows, jugglers, and people walking around on stilts, you can get a henna tattoo, but mostly it's just really pleasant sitting by the bay and chatting with friends.

This is a funny picture of the PNP mascots. Yes, the PNP mascots. I thought I heard PMP mascots, and I was wondering who the hell they were. Meet Pulis Malinis, Pulis Mabilis, and I forgot the name of the other one.

You can read more about it HERE. I'm such a lazy bum. Haha.

Oh, and CLICK HERE for some nice pictures. :)

I hope I can go back on Friday. Yay!

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