Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Visayas Adventure Race + audition

Ever wanted to join an adventure race? Well, here's your chance!

Island hop in Visayas and win 1M!

Arranged by DOT. Please visit my friend's link for more details.


One of the things I've always wanted to do is sing in a band. Well, I'm going to have an audition before the end of the month and I'm really excited. Hehe. Babaw. The audition alone will be an experience for me because I've never had the opportunity to sing with a live band accompanying me. I mean, I've done auditions with pianos, but this will be a totally different thing. :)


Duke said...

I was about to mention this one in my blog as well. Sounds really exciting, no? If I was there in manila, I'd prolly try out!

moonpool said...

sounds really cool nga eh. :)

jo said...

thanks for posting this ric! yey, hope we do reach quota ;P gluck on your auditions! do you have songs in mind already?

and hi duke, yo're erick'as friend pala. hehe. thanks for visitng the blog--hope you can promote to friends.. :)

moonpool said...

They gave me a list of three... I have to sing two out of the three songs. :) Buti I'm already familiar with two out of the three.

lei said...

what songs??? :)

moonpool said...

carnival, sick and tired (cardigans)
here's where the story ends (the sundays)