Sunday, October 30, 2005

happy day

Finally got that audition over with. They didn't record it, which is okay because I felt my voice was a bit shaky and my voice was overpowered by the drums and guitar. They kind of had to keep adjusting the volume controls so that my voice would be heard. I didn't think I made it past that round, but I just received a text message saying I have made it to round two! I have another audition in about two weeks. I wonder where that will be. Today the audition was in some small studio somewhere at the end of Pasig (near Ever Gotesco Ortigas). Well, regardless of what happens next, I'm glad I went, because it was an interesting experience. :)


I forgot all about the Simpsons Halloween Marathon! Good thing I was able to catch the last hour... It started at noon on Star World. I love them.

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jo said...

great great to hear you got through ric!! YEHEY! :) did you see the other people who were auditioning? you should consider giving them a good scare talk (vs. pep talk) before the next round..haha. sabotage. :P