Monday, August 08, 2005

joint bank account

Wysgal asked us this question earlier today:

How much should a couple have in the bank before they decide to get married?

I have absolutely no idea... I hear weddings can cost anywhere from 300k to 500k (or even more if you've really got the funds for it).

So... although love is an important part of the equation, so is money.

Haha, and I'll be jobless again after this week... So much for being able to save up money... :S Not that I'm in a hurry or anything, but I can't help but think about it ever since my former boss said I'm in the "marrying age". I'm actually going to be in a late twenties before the year ends. That is so weird.


lei said...

ericka's gonna get married na and have lots of babies.

wysgal said...

It wasn't really my question. It was more a friend's question. =)

moonpool said...

Oh yeah, you just passed the question on pala... :)

I don't want to have lots of babies! They're too expensive! Hehe, selfish noh?

Duke said...

oh wow! bells are ringing in the near future!

moonpool said...

Nye! Tagal pa!