Sunday, July 03, 2005


I never really find myself wandering around the Makati area on the other side of South Super Highway. I usually just linger around the Central Business District. But yesterday some friends and I took a walking tour of a portion of Bangkal. It was really fun looking through all the stuff. I was able to get myself a cute little Benetton bag, with enough room for a wallet, cellphone, and nothing else... (What else do you need, right? Hehe!)

On the way there, the boyfriend and I even got lost... We didn't see Fat Michael's! Luckilly, he has a pretty good sense of direction so we were able to retrace our steps (and find a really good parking slot too).

The picture on the lower left corner is of a cute little chair I'd really like to have imitated someday... The other pictures are just among the many things that caught my attention.

Funny thing is, there is so much stuff I actually had (or still have) at home... I guess it shows how old my parents really are. Hehe!

The tour ended with merienda at Fat Michael's. Here's a glimpse of their menu. The pizza is highly recommended.

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