Tuesday, June 28, 2005

double ouch

I fell on my knee again today. I was walking back to my building (I was just four to five buildings away), carrying a really heavy bag full of important documents, and I slipped. When I got back up, I slipped again. Bam, same knee. Last time I fell though, I fell on the left knee. (Archives: 06/05/2005 - 06/11/2005. See "Ai Bang Mai Ni" entry.) This time, I fell on my right.

What a day:
- I was supposed to have lunch with the boyfriend, but I had to cancel as we had a working lunch.
- The meeting was scheduled to end at noon, extended and projected to end at 3pm, finished a little past 730pm.
- I fell. I got up. I fell again.
- My knee hurts. Really hurts. Ouchies.

Oh well.


lei said...

sabi ni Mr. Wayne:
why do we fall?
so we can learn to pick ourselves up.

naks naman.

kidding aside... you poor girly!
tahan na, tahan na. ;P

jo said...

ric!!!!!! i dont get it, how can you trip that badly? shoes? wrong footing? :( maybe you should get custom-made marikina boots.. ;)

love you, take care of yourself.

moonpool said...

Partly the shoes, I guess partly the exhaustion from such a long day of facilitating... Ah yes, and I was carrying like 5 big folders in a bag...

I went looking for nice shoes after work tonight, but no luck. I'm really looking for nice shoes with good grip... nako, so hard to find...

Lei, pick ourselves up, fall again, pick ourselves up again. :S