Wednesday, January 26, 2005

lazy day

Such a lazy day at work today. The bosses were out on meetings, so things were really slow as there were no particularly urgent matters to attend to.

Nobody rode home with me today, which was quite nice. I enjoy driving home by myself sometimes. I think I get stressed when I have people with me. Like last night when we went to the wake, I couldn't get out of the garage because there was a car blocking the driveway. My dad had to come save me and back the car out for me. Teehee. Funny.

Yesterday was the most tiring driving day for me. I was supposed to ride with my boss, but another meeting came up so I ended up bringing my own car. I drove all the way from Alabang to Shangri-la Plaza Mall (EDSA) and back again, because it was just a lunch meeting. So draining pala.

I have meetings on Friday, but yahoo, they'll be coming over to the office so no need for any long drives. Yay!!!


Gabriel said...

my new love about driving alone: AUDIO LEARNING TAPES

I look forward to driving alone so i can play my learning tapes in peace :)
Heavy traffic? Long distance driving? No problem :) i feel like i'm getting a degree just by listening :)

moonpool said...

Tina suggested that I buy the audio tape of Blink. I think I'll do that this weekend so I have something to do on the way to work. :) Thanks.