Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Yeah! I had a "dry run" yesterday to my new office with the maid and driver. Hehe. Cool! ePass is cool - no need to look for change and stuff. Good thing my parents are paying for that, whoopee! Damn, driving to Alabang was tiring. And to think, no traffic yesterday. Oh well. Let's see what happens. For now I'm just allowed to drive to and from office - as if I'll have enough energy to go anywhere else. How funny that I'll be allowed to drive now that my office is so far away. Hehe, no choice kasi. :P

Well, got to fix all my work files for tomorrow's turnover. Just a few more files to go anyway since I already fixed about 90 percent over the Christmas "break".

Sex and The City finale! Must not forget.

Bye folks. :)

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