Saturday, December 25, 2004


Well, my birthday this year was the shortest ever (because I had to work), but at least I was able to have dinner with a few friends. It was an impromptu thing with the boyfriend, my officemate slash ex-blockmate, another ex-blockmate, and a former org-mate. Hehe. I also felt good this year because a lot of people remembered me on my birthday so that was really nice.

Girls night out was loads of fun with wysgal and cajole. Hehe. First time I ever really experienced being with gal pals and being approached by decent, semi-cute guys. Although they didn't ask for our numbers it was loads of fun.

Although I didn't really feel the Christmas spirit, this Christmas was a happy one. I hope everyone had fun today too. :)


Anonymous said...

Saka, Pare, more details on the night out. Mukhang interesanteng kwentuhan eto ah. :P Ano sabi nila, "wow, you take your little sister with you on gimmicks?" harhar. And how do you define a semi-cute guy? It's very dubious. :D
Guess who?? :D

moonpool said...

Only saw this now! This must be TV. Is it? :D