Saturday, November 27, 2004

string of bad luck

How weird.

So many bad things happened to me today. Well okay, not a lot, but it's just so weird that they both happened on the same day...

I fell down the stairs. Bwahaha. Made a wrong step down the winding staircase. Fell on my ass. I'm sure my arms are going to bruise soon because I spread them out to help break the fall. I also hit my toes on the railing. Huhuhu.

Then a couple of hours after that, while I was sliding my closet door shut, my finger got caught in between the handle and the other closet door. They kinda overlap, handle of one door goes behind the other closet door. The bad thing was that some of the skin came off. Yuck. I won't go into detail for the sake of all of you.

My body hurts like hell. My finger was totally shaking after. Ouchies.


Oh, I haven't been updating this, have I? I got a job offer. I think I really am going to take the offer even if it is all the way in Alabang. A new chapter in my life. Tamang-tama, I'm quarter-life-ing. :P I still have a few more days to think it all through...

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