Saturday, November 13, 2004


Doesn't this look like a phlog now? Hehe. So lazy to type anything in...

Well, I'm stuck at home as usual. No transportation. Lalala... I think I'll go watch Shaun of The Dead later since I was able to buy the DVD the other day.

My mum's wallet got snatched from her bag at Galleria yesterday. Some kid grabbed it. They were able to catch the kid and all other cohorts, but they weren't able to retrieve all the money.

Last night we ate at Gulliver's of San Francisco on the 10th floor of the Great Eastern Hotel (Aberdeen Court) on Makati Ave. Super yummy!!! My sister said it tastes like the original one in San Francisco. Cheapest (petite) is 680 but it has sidings na and everything and it's really hard to finish. You should probably share it.

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